Craig uses the latest evidence based
treatment techniques to ensure his clients are
receiving the very best health care.



PROFOOT prides itself on providing a holistic approach to podiatry care, incorporating a number of podiatry techniques tailored to each individual to ensure optimal injury management. These treatment techniques include:

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   PROFOOT offers flexible lightweight orthotics to ensure superior comfort & support.

PROFOOT offers flexible lightweight orthotics to ensure superior comfort & support.



Following a thorough biomechanical assessment Craig can advise if you would benefit from foot orthotics and which type would best suit your particular activity and foot type.

Foot orthotics are not necessary for everyone with a foot and lower limb injury, but when indicated can be an extremely effective treatment option to alter excessive stress and load to injured tissues. 

At PROFOOT orthotics are often incorporated with other therapies including muscle stretch and strengthening programs, manual therapy including dry needling or manipulation, foot & ankle taping, training advice and/or footwear education.

Depending on individual requirements, PROFOOT offers affordable custom, semi-custom or pre-made orthotics.  

3D Laser Orthotics provide the latest in custom orthotic design and technology. They are fabricated using a high performance flexible & extremely lightweight material to ensure superior comfort & support.  

The iQube 3D laser camera captures an exact image of the shape and structure of your foot. This 3D image is then sent to an orthotic lab with a highly individualised prescription form to manufacture a custom orthotic that fits your foot perfectly.

Semi-Custom & Pre-Made orthotics are also available & can be modified on the spot or in PROFOOT's orthotic lab to achieve a more customised fit. These orthotics are ideal for certain foot types and parents who are after a more affordable option for their child’s ever growing feet. 

Craig was able to give me an orthotic that is lightweight & comfortable that I could easily fit in my footy boots without getting any foot pain or discomfort. I went to Craig with a calf injury but with his treatment I have been able to stay injury free which has helped me prolong my footy career
— Luke, Australian Rules Footballer

Foot Mobilisation Techniques (FMT)

The practice of Foot Mobilisation Techniques is a form of manual therapy designed to improve foot & lower leg function. This gentle 'hands-on' treatment targets joints of the foot & ankle that are poorly aligned, stiff or dysfunctional and aims to restore their natural function. Craig also combines corrective and strengthening exercises to help prevent the pain returning.  

Craig trained under Australia's leading FMT expert Mr Ted Jedynak, who is one of the most experienced practitioners of foot mobilisation in the world. Ted regularly presents his work at conferences and teaches Foot MobilisationTechniques throughout Australia and overseas. For further information please refer to his website 


Dry Needling

Trigger point dry needling is a technique used at PROFOOT to improve muscle and joint function.

Muscles in the foot & lower leg can often become tight due to overuse, this can lead to the build-up of trigger points. These are taut bands of skeletal muscle that can affect the full function of the muscle.

Fine acupuncture needles are inserted directly into these areas to release the affected muscle and help to restore normal function. Dry needling can also promote an inflammatory response to the area to encourage tissue repair and healing.  

Trigger point dry needling can be especially effective in the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Tight muscles in the foot and calf can increase the load on the plantar fascia which can cause heel pain. Deactivation of these trigger points through dry needling can help to reduce pressure to the heel and arch area relieving pain and discomfort.  


Kinesio Taping

Kinesiology Tape is a thin, stretchy, elastic cotton adhesive that can be used at PROFOOT to reduce swelling, improve recovery time, provide structural support to weak or injured muscles and allow athletes to remain active while injured.


General Footcare

Craig also provides complete skin & nail care including callus, corns, plantar warts, ingrown toenails, tinea (athletes foot) and blisters. Craig can perform Diabetes Assessments which include vascular & neurological screening, biomechanical & footwear assessments and general treatment.  


Solestar Cycling Insoles

Craig is a certified Solestar Cycling Insole dealer. The Solestar cycling insole is made from a special carbon material which helps to stabilise and support the foot, preventing shear forces which typically occur when pedalling. Please contact Craig for further information if you experience foot pain when cycling.


Diagnostic Imaging

To aid in the diagnosis of an injury, Podiatrists are able to refer under Medicare for x-ray & ultrasound. Podiatrists are also able to refer privately to have a CT or MRI scan when indicated. Although not always necessary, diagnostic imaging is useful in those cases that require further investigation.