To maximise your performance and
prevent injury it is important to better understand
the way your foot functions.




PROFOOT aims to provide you with a step by step management plan to help you reduce the risk of injury in the future. During the consultation Craig can provide you with the information & techniques necessary to prevent foot & lower limb injury including:


Footwear Evaluation & Education

Following your initial assessment you will be given a foot analysis report known as your PROFOOT iD, which provides you with in-depth information on the characteristics of your feet and recommends the most appropriate footwear for your needs. This information can be used to make informed decisions when purchasing footwear and help to minimize the risk of injury to your feet in the future.  


Running Technique Assessment

Craig can examine your running gait using slow-motion video feedback to help identify any biomechanical abnormalities that could lead to injury. This information can be useful to reduce unnecessary force to the lower limb. Area's that can be identified include running posture, foot contact position, stride length and foot cadence.   

Craig was able to identify an issue with my running form and recommend a pair of shoes that most suited my foot type. I have been able to stay injury free and am running further than I ever have before. Thanks Craig!
— Andy, Farmer/Runner

Stretching & Strengthening Programs

Foot & lower limb exercises can be prescibed at PROFOOT to increase your foot & ankle flexibility and improve the strength of your intrinsic foot muscles to help keep your feet strong and injury free.

Podiatry rehabilitation of the foot and lower limb is designed to strengthen and return you to your optimal level of both sport and general activity.

Some of the common injuries we prescribe rehabilitation programs for include ankle injuries, muscle strains and tears, knee pain/ injuries and foot & ankle instability.



Assessment of your Child's Development

PROFOOT provides quality care for all members of your family. The growth and development of your children's feet is extremely important in helping prevent problems later in life. 

You can be rest assured that your child's feet are in good hands. Following a thorough and careful assessment Craig is able to assess, diagnose and treat all paediatric foot and lower leg conditions. We can also assist with the assessment of footwear and provide advice on footwear selection to ensure your child has the best possible fit.


Craig can provide rehabilitation for muscle imbalances and joint restructions

I have taken my whole family to see Craig for their foot problems, I like how he has a strong rehab focus and uses a variety of treatment techniques rather than just giving them orthotics.
— Renae, Health Professional