PROFOOT uses the latest in digital technology as well as hands-on assessments to analyse the function of the foot & leg and the effect that it has on the rest of your body.



Video treadmill analysis

Video treadmill analysis

During the initial consultation at PROFOOT, Craig will conduct a number of foot & lower limb assessments to help identify any biomechanical abnormalities. This includes joint range of motion, muscle and ligament testing, footwear assessment and gait analysis.

PROFOOT uses video treadmill analysis to assess your walking or running gait. The latest digital software allows slow-motion video feedback to be displayed, demonstrating the function of your feet, ankles, knees and hips and identifying any altered gait patterns.


Initial Appointment - Biomechanical Assessment 


An initial consultation at PROFOOT gives Craig an opportunity to gain a full medical history, perform a biomechanical assessment including gait analysis & muscle/joint testing, make an accurate diagnosis and implement a management plan to suit your individual needs.


Initial Appointment - General Footcare


This appointment is available to those individuals who require skin & nail care including callus, corns, plantar warts, ingrown toenails, blisters, tinea (athletes foot) & diabetic assessments. 


Review Appointment


This appointment is designed for therapy services that are part of your management plan including exercise prescription, foot mobilisation, dry needling, ongoing footcare, taping, and orthotic fitting or reviews.


PROFOOT has HICAPS facilities available for on-the-spot claims from Private Health Funds. Bulk-Billing is also available for those individuals with a Chronic Disease Management Plan from their GP or Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) clients.  

Craig was able to play footage of my running style in slow motion which helped me to clearly understand the poor function of my feet and the cause that it had on the rest of my body
— Sarah, Health Professional